Wed 28 Aug


Godzilla (1954)


Doors open 9.00pm

Cert U

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Tickets £10 available - no longer available

This is the classic Japanese monster film, with revolutionary special effects! You can’t beat the original!
Two ships are destroyed near Odo Island. A fishing boat from Odo is also destroyed and fishing catches mysteriously drop to zero. An elder blames the misfortune on the ancient sea creature known as “Godzilla”. Reporters arrive on Odo Island to further investigate. Things get worse as a storm strikes the island and the giant monster destroys homes and kills nine people.
Godzilla is portrayed as a prehistoric reptile disturbed by a hydrogen bomb, which may have wiped out any similar ocean-dwellers he lived with. With its mighty death ray, the creature has been culturally identified as a strong metaphor for nuclear weapons and destruction.
Take a seat on stormy St Mary’s and experience the joys of SUITMATION!

Fish and Chips: Sorry we can’t offer fish and chips at this screening due to the late start time.

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