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Sun 25 Aug

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960) 

Introduced by Chris Phipps


Starts 8.00pm


Albert Finney’s powerhouse performance as a Nottingham factory worker changed British screen acting, just as Karel Reisz’s incisive and authentic film changed British cinema. (BFI)

Tickets £7.50 - no longer available


Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1969)

Director Karel Reisz, starring Albert Finney and Rachel Roberts.

60 years ago Woodfall Films launched a working class assault on the complacency and politeness of British social cinema. "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning " was Woodfall's 1960 second  round of ammo  ,based on Alan Sillitoe's book and script. Albert Finney is the Nottingham factory worker  whose amoral  behaviour is governed by his creed "Don't let the bastards grind you down" -the consequences shocked audiences and enraged the  British censor .
Media historian Chris Phipps celebrates the Woodfall world of Angry Young Men and Kitchen Sinks -and its underrated music tracks. 


Chris Phipps will introduce this event and uniquely, will recall his encounters with Albert Finney taken from his bestselling memoir "Namedropper" which will be on sale.

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