Primate Productions was set up by 6 directors as a workers cooperative, not for profit organisation.

Founders of the annual, award winning Whitley Bay Film festival, celebrating film and cultural events in unique locations around North Tyneside.

As the last traditional cinema closed in Whitley Bay, we explored the idea of pop up cinema, celebrating the local region and it's iconic landmarks.

Working with a number of creative individuals in the area, the festival is now a key event in the region's cultural calendar,  

putting on over 200 events in more than 30 locations across North Tyneside and beyond.

We specialise in producing film, animation, music, exhibitions and events. 

Our thanks to all the people who have been part of Primate over the years and  all those who have worked on the festival. ..and there are many.....

Primate Productions offer advertising opportunities within the Whitley Bay Film Festival.

Contact Ema Lea -  Tel - 0191 2904126

The Piano WBFF 2012

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